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Josh Carroll

I love using Angular's Controller As syntax to clean up my code, and I'm happy to see this technique is catching on.

Most of the time, I can avoid having to reference $scope altogether, but working with forms in Angular has always felt a little clunky to me. The FormController kind of just shoves itself into the $scope, leaving my controller with this ugly little reference.

var MyCtrl = function($scope){
  //Yucky reference to $scope in an otherwise
  // beautiful controller
  this.form = $scope.form;

Then a miracle happened!

Ok, so not a miracle, but after a bit of googling, I happened across this pull request from a year ago, which ended up being merged in here.

Awesome! but totally undocumented...

Now I can do this in my form:

<div ng-controller="MyCtrl as ctrl">

    Notice the 'ctrl' prefixing my form name?
    It's the same as my 'Controller As' alias
  <form name="ctrl.form">


And I now I can reference the form directly on my controller like this:

var MyCtrl = function(){
  //Look mom! No $scope!
}; = function(){
  //Glorious $scope free access to FormController!

And there you go.

One more way you can avoid Scope Soup and keep your controllers squeaky clean!

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