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About Josh Carroll

Josh Carroll

My Life History

My name is Josh Carroll and I am a Husband, Father, and Web Hacker.

I am a partner, and Director of Consulting for and count myself incredibly blessed to be able to help build an amazing consulting practice. I have a beautiful wife, and 4 amazing little kids. We make our home nestled away in Knoxville, Tennessee among the amazing Smoky Mountains.

Development Experience

I've been hacking on computers since I was about 8 years old. It's no wonder I love the web so much since my first "programming" experience was teaching myself HTML and pushing a website out to some acedemic server. All I can remember is how fascinated I was with being able to access my own site... ON THE INTERNET!!!

I went on to do some real programming in high school, and eventually got to compete in a robotics competition my senior year. Becoming a programmer was all I wanted to do, and I went after it full speed ahead. I graduated from ETSU in 2005 and have been doing what I love ever since.