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Josh Carroll

Developers are a whiny bunch.

Today I was reading one of Scott Hanselman's latest posts on some improvements being made in WebForms, and was pretty amazed at how generally whiny the comments were.

You could read all the comments, but they can pretty much be broken down into 3 categories of whiny trolls.

The Hater

Dear Scott,

You suck! WebForms sucks! Microsoft sucks! And pretty much every technology they produce is total garbage. I still program using the MS stack of course... cause you know... I'd rather complain than learn a new technology.

The Righteous One

Dear Scott,

How can you even look at yourself in the mirror after writing such filthy code. I realize this is just a blog post... meant to be a simple demonstration of a new feature, but how dare you not follow all 5 of the SOLID principles, complete with a full suite of unit and integration tests (written first of course). You didn't even use an IoC!!!! And you call yourself a programmer! 

All .Net developers are pretty much worthless, incompetent boobs... except for me of course. I would write a better example myself, but I'm too busy telling people like you how crappy a programmer they are :P

The Hipster

Dear Scott,

Whoa dude! WebForms is so primitive man. Only old people and corporate shills program in WebForms. Everybody knows that MVC is what all the cool kids are using. That internal corporate app I wrote is like... blowing minds... all five of them. 

Besides, everybody knows that WebForms is way too much abstraction, and the ViewState, oh man was it terrible. I never knew what the ViewState was for, but I know it was bad! With MVC I can get down to bare metal baby! I still don't know what a Handler or Module is, and I never really touch the form collection or HttpContext... but it's so much less abstract than WebForms.

So, to all you whiny programmers out there, I have a some people you should meet. I know you know these people. You probably troll their blogs regularly.

Bob Martin, Michael Feathers, Ron Jeffries and Martin Fowler were doing awesome things while you were still drinking from a sippy cup.

David Heinemeier Hansson liked Ruby and needed a web framework. So he wrote one.

Rob Conery didn't like big heavy ORM's so he wrote a tiny one. He also created a startup using ASP.Net MVC... and then rewrote it using RoR just because he could.

Phil Haack helped bring MVC to the world of ASP.Net

Jeremy Miller and Oren Eini wake up in the morning and pee new frameworks that are awesome.

Joel Spolsky's company wrote an awesome bug tracker in classic asp. ASP FOR GOODNESS SAKE!

Jeff Atwood wrote Stackoverflow when MVC was still in beta.

Damien Edwards continues to rock out ASP.Net

Glenn Block is infusing WCF with web enabled awesome sauce.

John Resig made the entire web take Javascript seriously.

Steve Sanderson brought MVVM to web apps using Knockout.js

David Fowler is making realtime web stupid easy with SignalR

And last but not least... Scott Hanselman was pimping ASP.Net and make it look good back when it was still 1.0

So what do they all have in common?

They can't hear you over the sound of how awesome they are!

Not all of them work on the same technology stack, but all of them have been consistently awesome at what they do regardless of the technology they were using.

Technologies do not make awesome applications. Awesome people make awesome applications.

Stop spending so much time and effort complaining and start doing something amazing... right now!

Less Whine! More Awesome!
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