Techno Fattie

Josh Carroll

If you are a little lost by the title, it will all make sense in a moment… um… sort of.

Until I started my career as a software developer I worked a lot of other jobs. I have had a job since I was 16 years old, and that was just an excuse to get out of doing manual work for my parents around the house. I’ve worked as a bagger at a grocery store, cashier at a big-box-mart, usher, concessions, and box clerk for a movie theater, tech support for a DSL provider, general laborer for a masonry outfit, and the last job I worked before slinging code full-time was waiting tables.

All of these jobs really have one thing in common: I was the person who always caught the tail end of the customer’s experience: whether it was good or bad… especially when it was bad!

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